Atlas Electric

Atlas Electric is a pilot written by Corey Adams, Evan Rissi and Ben Burden Smith. Directed by Corey Adams, it features Rick McCrank, John J Mackie, Evan Rissi, and Mark Gonzales. It’s weird. Pending worldwide release.


Herbert is a webseries from 2013-2014 written and directed by Evan Rissi. Starring Mark Matechuk, Stephen Vanni, Evan Rissi, and Denzel Washington.

The entire webseries (overall run time 56 minutes) can be found here.

The Gold Paddle

The Gold Paddle is a short film written and directed by Evan Rissi, based on the real-life phenomenon known as Freestyle Canoeing. Pending festival release.

Going In

A New Canadian Classic. Coming Soon.

Sky's Limit

A documentary, coming soon.